Greetings from Bulgaria

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Greetings from Bulgaria

Post by kt-sofia »

Hi, I'm from Bulgaria and I want to ask you what is happening with the Bugarian in Reading Radoslav Vasilev? Does he play with the reserves or what? Please reply me.

Cheers, mates.

Re: Greetings from Bulgaria

Post by marie »

The web forum you want to post on to ask this question is HobNob - this is a specific forum to discuss Reading football team and these are topics about his arrival to the town's team and playing in the reserve team:
The Scooterist

Re: Greetings from Bulgaria

Post by The Scooterist »

You might get better info on HobNob but there's a search feature on the official club site that reports thus: ... av+Vasilev" onclick=";return false;

Looks like he's still playing youth football and on the fringes of the reserve team. Probably 'make or break' time for him in the summer.

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