SOME bus fares changing, Monday 3rd Jan 2022

if it's about getting around Reading by car, cycle or foot, post it here .....
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Re: SOME bus fares changing, Monday 3rd Jan 2022

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Thank you for the input Jude, but you got me thinking.

Thinking when was the last time I travelled by bus, and do you know I honestly can not remember, but it certainly was years ago. Not that I have anything against buses’s it’s just that for me the car has been more convenient. This attitude I know does not help our environment, and I am making it worse by swanning around in my sports car. But I love it. Yes I know self, self ,self. But at my age wellllll ?
I may be a founder member of the “Grumpy Old Men’s Club” but I never complain. :whistle1:
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Re: SOME bus fares changing, Monday 3rd Jan 2022

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Single fares have gone up to £ a time where they're trying to encourage us to use more sustainable means of transport.....

For me, the bus takes far too long. From it turning up late to getting in town takes the best part of an hour, sometimes it was longer.
If I'm having a few beers, a walk to the train station and get the train in only takes 15 to 20 mins in total. Or I'll get a lift in. Aside from this Christmas though (pub crawl and booster) I hadn't been in Reading town centre for the best part of two years.
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