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3 Strikes Rule

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Following contribution from Mayfield in the 'Suggested Enhancement to Reading Forum' thread, a '3-strikes rule' is to be implemented when a Moderator's instruction has been, or is being, ignored.

Previously, a protracted series of polite requests to stop a negative behavior has meant that it has continued far longer than it should. This has been frustrating for everyone, even upsetting for some, particularly when the delay has permitted escalation, sometimes not just from the member originally causing injury.

With immediate effect, when it is felt the need arises, and following an initial polite word of caution in a topic, you may see this :

Moderation Warning 1 : [Membername]
....appropriate words indicating reason for the formal warning...

If you receive a Warning, please don't argue about it in the topic risking further antagonism and potentially attracting a Warning 2 for dissent; instead, should you wish to protest or appeal, PM one of the Moderators who will collectively discuss the decision with you.

Whilst 'Moderator Warning 1' is shown here, if warranted by the behavior in question, 'Moderator Warning 3' might be issued without escalation, with appropriate and immediate sanction against the member accordingly (eg Suspension). Duration of any sanction imposed will be agreed by Moderators on a case-by-case basis.

All clocks are zeroed, a line is drawn under the past, please let's avoid referring to it.

It should never again come to pass that a Topic must be frozen or closed due to the behavior of one or more individuals; rather than closing the playground, those that can't play nicely in it will be removed and placed on the naughty step.

We trust that you understand this addition to the Forum Rules and why it has been felt necessary to introduce it.

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