Do you support Reading or another club - Why?

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Do you support Reading or another club - Why?

Post by englishbydescent »

Ok I am probally going to open a huge can of worms but remember Im from oz so soccer is not that big (only when the socceroos get into the world cup) but I do love soccer. So my question is what team do you barrack for and why? Is it from childhood where you grew up? Did you adopt your team? Is it a certain player that you like? So please share to your reason.

Re: Do you support Reading or another club - Why?

Post by johnw102 »

I lived in Reading for 40 years and all that time followed Reading FC, back in the days when you could all stand and mix with visiting supporters, even those from Swindon! :whistle1: Then 20 years ago following early retirement I moved to Pembrokeshire and started following my local team Swansea City. Six years ago following full retirement I became a season ticket holder at Swansea and remain one still. Two years ago Swansea got to Wembley for the Play off finals to go into the Premier League and would you just know the opposition was READING, big dilemma, but I did just side with the Swans who did manage to win 4 - 2. However last year Reading got promoted so I did not feel so bad. I would still like to see a return of standing at football matches, sitting down watching football just does not seem right to me. My main dislike in football is the influx of big money, where an arab orf Russian comes in and treats the club as a toy throwing 100s of millions of £s at it to buy trophies and the plastic fans who support them.
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Re: Do you support Reading or another club - Why?

Post by rolew »

In my case my Dad took me when I could only just see over the wall, this was just before WW2. Dad had been a supportor before WW1. In those days it was all home support, hardly anyone travelled to away games exept cup games after the war. Of course the game was a lot different with man to man marking and large boots protecting ankles and bigger shinpads but if someone did get injured there was always the trainer ready with a bucket of cold water and a magic sponge. I still folow their progress but the price of admission now is out of my limited income.
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Re: Do you support Reading or another club - Why?

Post by OLDMAN »

I hate football – nuff said by me!

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Re: Do you support Reading or another club - Why?

Post by Bhanu »

I have followed Reading off and on for many years as they were the local side. Nowadays, I find myself drawn towards Truro City for geographical reasons. I still look out for the RFC result of course, but am not as interested as I once was.
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Re: Do you support Reading or another club - Why?

Post by windrush »

Still follow Reading FC's fortunes from a distance, though my favourite club has always been Stoke City due to past family connections.

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