John Madejski

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John Madejski

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for anyone that's interested, BBC3 or BBC4 will be running a programme about Mr M.......'very soon' although no date given as yet. (prob in the next 2 or 3 weeks as the trailers are running at the moment). Can't remember what it's called........
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Re: John Madejski

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I think it's called Rich Man Poor Man or Poor Man Rich Man, one or the other.
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Re: John Madejski

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I wonder if they'll mention when he lived in Palmer Park Ave?

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Re: John Madejski

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Sir John Madejski - the 'dark knight'
By Linda Fort
August 14, 2009


Sir John Madejski has "no regrets" about bearing his soul in front of the TV cameras for a documentary on his life.

The Royals chairman has allowed himself to be filmed over three years which have seen a turn in the tide of the multi-millionaire's fortunes as the credit crunch began to bite.

At first cash was flowing freely, according to the publicity material for the film, and "Madejski was building big, here a City Academy, there an office block".

While carrying out work in his "beloved home town" of Reading, he was also funding big projects for the nation including a wing for the Royal Academy and a piazza and garden at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

At the same time Reading FC were in the Premier League.

But when the financial tide began to turn, the filmmakers found Sir John beginning "to question the meaning of his life and determined to discover more about his origins".

He was born with a different name in wartime under circumstances which had "given him issues about his identity and relationships".

The documentary-makers say their film shows Sir John realising he has "been made the success he is by emotional privations".

And when he is about to be knighted, they describe him as a "dark knight-to-be".

The filmmakers conclude: "At this pivotal moment in his life, Mr Reading embarks on the most significant and very personal project - a country house and estate.

"It may be his first ever nest - but will he find the right woman to share it with?"

Sir John told getreading yesterday the film has some "inaccuracies" but was overall "a reasonable account".

He said when Ian Denyer, the filmmaker, began the project it was to document the building of his country house.

Over the course of the filming he said a number of things happened - including the death of his mother and his knighthood - which could not have been predicted.

He added: "I have no regrets about it, what is the point of having regrets? It's out there now. But it turned out to be more personal than I expected."

He said he had emailed close friends to tell them when it was to be aired.

Made by Bellweather Media, the documentary is called Rich Man, Poor Man: A Knight's Tale and will be shown on Tuesday, August 25, at 9pm on BBC4. ... ark_knight
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