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Re: I Live In Caversham - I am a Local - Give Me A Sign!

Post by OLDMAN »

Postcodes mean nothing compared to council boundaries

e.g. - we live in RG6 which everyone thinks is Early under WBC, but our bit is Reading under RBC

When I worked in Henley the postcode was RG even though it’s definitely in SOX - and oddly we had two due to the front / rear entrances being on different roads!
That confused many drivers

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Re: I Live In Caversham - I am a Local - Give Me A Sign!

Post by chris_j_wood »

I think that the biggest issue (beyond the cost) in the original proposal is that the districts of Reading really don't have any formal definitions, so trying to put signs on the boundaries between them would cause lots of arguments as to exactly where the boundary is.

Indeed it is interesting that Stewart talks about Caversham and Emmer Green in the same sentence as if they are separate districts, whilst my (south of the river) perspective is that Caversham is everything in the borough north of the river, and that Emmer Green is just a bit of Caversham. So would somebody entering the borough on the Peppard Road see a sign for Emmer Green or for Caversham?. And if the former, where do we site the sign telling them they have now entered Caversham?.
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Re: I Live In Caversham - I am a Local - Give Me A Sign!

Post by Avis »

Postcodes. On the main roads out of Caversham, RG4 becomes RG9 on the Henley road, just by the sharp left hand bend (see the map); RG4 becomes RG9 on the B481 going up the hill out of Sonning Common, and RG4 becomes RG8 on the A4074 between Cane End and the turnoff for Goring.

RG9 covers chunks of South Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire, including Hambleden, Nettlebed, Shiplake, and Henley-on-Thames.
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Re: I Live In Caversham - I am a Local - Give Me A Sign!

Post by Bam »

I can see the problem in finding a definitive Caversham boundary. The website "GetThe Data", specifies a grid ref for "the centre of Caversham" and also the distance of Caversham from many towns and cities. How can it, when any defined boundary, seems so open for debate?
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Re: I Live In Caversham - I am a Local - Give Me A Sign!

Post by spectrum64 »

Reagrding postcodes RG covers a large area and is no respecter of county boundaries going west beyond Hungerford south to Whitchurch, Basingstoke and Hook east beyond Bracknell and north to include the Henley area. As well as Berkshire there are bits of Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Wiltshire.
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