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Health and Wellbeing

Post by Lizzy33 »

Winter is fast approaching and covid is still here but how's everyone's health and wellbeing?
I've noticed so many people suffering from coughs, flu and other air borne viruses (not covid!), many of whom have had it for weeks!
How are you doing? And how can we keep ourselves from getting ill but still enjoy ourselves and not put pressure on the nHS
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Re: Health and Wellbeing

Post by piwacket »

If you’re including GP surgeries within not putting pressure on the NHS - then maybe they should be doing more towards keeping everyone healthy :whistle1:
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Re: Health and Wellbeing

Post by ChipbuttyG »

Aside from doing exercise for physical and mental perspective - if you've had your jabs - then it's just down to you, what you feel safe doing.

Personally I'll continue as normal. Sanitise my hands regularly and carry a mask, put it on when it feels necessary.

If you don't feel safe is busier places, then don't go. It's all personal choice.
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Re: Health and Wellbeing

Post by sarahbentley »

Now daylight is increasing its very nice to go for longer walks outside. Now just need the weather to improve!
I walking and being outdoors isn't for everyone but I defo encourage people to pick up the phone and call someone they haven't spoken with in a long time as they may appreciate it!
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