Berkshire Womens Movement

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Wendy House

Berkshire Womens Movement

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Who Are We?
We are volunteers who use our free time to promote equal rights for women. We have all sorts of backgrounds and life experiences. Men and women from all different backgrounds are welcome to get involved, join in with ideas, discussions, events. We are an independant organisation and are not affiliated with any religious or political

What do we do?
Our intention is to focus on raising awareness of the ways that inequality is experienced. We hope to bring about social change through community inclusion. We are planning to hold discussion groups where we welcome people from Berkshire can talk about the various problems which they face. We also host visiting lguest speakers and information evenings which we hope you will be able to join.

What can you do?
If you share an interest in undestanding how inequality effects lives and what can be done to reduce inequality then join in! For example, you can
Our next event is a discussion:

'Why is feminism still relevant today?'
hosted by - Kat Banyard
author of 'The Equality Illusion' ... at-banyard
and director of UK Feminista

Wednesday 27th July 2011 7pm - 9pm @ RISC Global Cafe, 35-39 London Street, Reading, Berkshire, RG1 4PS.

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Re: Berkshire Womens Movement

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Had a few problems opening your website. You may want to buy your domain name as it's affordable and will make for a better user experience.
When and Where in Reading are you meeting?
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